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Welcome to

The Brink Media Company

Beta TESTING & Soft launch





We aren't just a web design company.

We're about to make the internet more accessible for everyone,

change the way business is done globally,

and save the Amazon rainforest in a single motion.

How We're About to Change the World

Let's say you need an awesome new website.

Here are your options:

But now, there's a new option.


Hire A  


Affordable, but potentially unreliable and unsafe.

Hire a Big Firm

Reliable and effective, but very expensive. 

Do it Yourself

Spend weeks learning tools like Wix and SquareSpace, and end up with a site that looks like everyone else's.

How we're

about to change the world

By filling one of the biggest gaps in the global web design market, we are creating one of the largest web / media companies in the worldmaking essential tools vastly more accessible to everyone.





An innovative approach to web-design and media production that is light-years ahead of anything currently on the market today.​

We offer the perfect balance between cost, quality, reliability, ease-of-use, turn-around, and conscientiousness.



To save the Amazon Rainforest: the planet's most precious and dwindling resource. The Amazon is the world's largest repository for diverse ecosystem evolution, and for undiscovered ancient medicines (as well as the native cultures which guard their wisdom). It is being rampantly converted into cash crops and livestock at a staggering rate, and the time has come to experiment with large-scale, permanent solutions. At current rates, we can expect the rainforest to be completely destroyed within the century.

The Brink Media Company aims to convert one of the planet's most lucrative and sustainable markets -- web design and media production -- into one of the planet's most sustainable long-term solutions. We believe that by tying together these two seemingly disconnected fields, we can create such a solution, and create a revolutionary leap in the way we protect the ancient and natural connections which are more important than many of us realize.



The Amazon region is afflicted with disturbing amounts of poverty. By empowering the region economically, producing skilled labor jobs that pay well, and offering the necessary training, the region will sustain much greater social and economic agency and be able to defend it's precious natural resources. 

Perfecting the "anti-sweatshop"

The day labor wage in Peru is about $7. This means even paying our remote team as little as $5/hr is not just ethical, but is actually about 5x higher than minimum wage, translating to between $30-$50 per hour taking regional currency differences into account.


The key to our success lies in our ability to optimize the design training process and produce websites for between $20 - $100 each, allowing us to reach profit margins of 90% or more.







This gives us a unique opportunity to make our investors satisfied and provide a solid financial foundation for our business, all the while making a significant difference in the lives of disempowered populations.

All of our employees will receive valuable skills training programs for free, and have access to nearly limitless opportunities for promotions and career development. We plan to offer a full spectrum of benefits, perks, company retreats, and a robust company culture, and we're committed to redefining global standards for labor outsourcing.


Welcome to Peru.

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Welcome to Brink.

Empower humanity by making essential technologies more accessible for everyone 

Create thousands of high-paying jobs where people need them most, promoting social and economic mobility​ with high pay, benefits, perks, retreats, and a robust company culture

Turn the endlessly sustainable global web design market into a permanent solution for one of the planet's most important and pressing problems​: the Amazon Rainforest

Make designing a perfect website so easy, even grandma could do it in an hour

Leverage technology to decrease design costs and reach previously untapped, lower-budget markets such as artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses & non-profits

Absorb at least 1% of the global multi-billion dollar web-design market​​

Set a new standard for symbiotic corporate modeling and international enterprise​

Become one of the world's largest web design and media companies

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The Brink Conservancy

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The Brink Conservancy is a nonprofit initiative which aims to experimentally optimize the ways in which we conserve and sustainably develop the Amazon region. Here are our goals:



The Brink Conservancy receives a portion of profits from the Brink Media Company. Here's how much we plan to give over time: